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If you are buying a house with the furnishing, get the home inspection report before you make the final purchase to avoid buying a property that is ridden by termites. It is quite difficult to get rid of pests like termites because they usually spread all around the house in various locations. So until and unless you have availed the Termite control in Pompano Beach, traces of termite infestation will still be there in your home. Therefore, you should hire professionals to get rid of the termites from the household furniture before you think about selling the house.

There are a few other ways in which you can get rid of termites from your household furniture and here are 2 important tips:


Termites usually try to build a huge nest in places that are moist and completely dark because it is their natural habitat that helps them in breeding and multiplying extensively. Without such a favorable environment or natural habitat, it will be difficult for them to breed or even sustain themselves. So if you cut out the moisture and expose them to natural light, it will be easier for you to get rid of the termites from your household furnishing. So try to expose the infected furniture to the sun as much as possible.


Application of borate on the surface of the wooden furnishing before applying the primer and the paint is an important procedure as it helps in preventing termite infestation in the future. However, if your old furniture was not applied with borate, you can still apply it by scraping off the paint and the primer. The smell of borate will repel termites for decades to come and you can preserve your family heirloom.

Hiring a termite inspection service in Fort Lauderdale before you purchase a property will help you make the right choice. So contact your termite control service providers today!