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Termite infestation is one of the worst forms of damage a property suffers from. Every year, billions of dollars are paid to get rid of this infestation by residential and commercial properties. Termites are considered the worst form of pests and are notorious for the extent of damage they can unleash on the property. Once discovered, it is tough to know if the property is infested with termites until that damage is too great and start getting noticed. Priority Pest brings the best termite services in Fort Lauderdale, HollywoodPompano Beach & more areas that help to get rid of this problem.

As soon as these tiny insects are evident, it is imperative to get in touch with us and engage our termite services in Fort Lauderdale to obliterate these insects’ colonies. We use various termite treatment methods depending on the damage sustained by the property and the size of the infestation. If the infestation is too severe, we use treatment methods that bring the problem under control and prevent its recurrence. As a leading termite company, we get high-end help in the form of treatment methods and save your home to be vulnerable to termite infestation. After considering all these factors, we decide the best option from among several termite services in Fort Lauderdale available at your disposal.

Priority Pest has carved a niche as a prominent termite company and provides tested and impactful treatment methods that leave lasting results. Since termites keep reproducing, their colony size keeps on growing continuously. If timely measures are not taken, it can result in extensive damage to the property. Depending on the age and size of the colony, a suitable treatment plan is chosen. In some cases, we use termite tenting services in Fort Lauderdale. This method is used when the damage is too extensive. The whole structure is covered under a tent, and toxic gas is used to kill termites. This gas is very effective as it penetrates deeply into the wood and kills this menace on-site. Thus, if you feel that termite infestation is too extensive, choose our termite testing in Fort Lauderdale services.

If you come across tell-tale signs of termite infestation, do not hesitate to reach out to us and book our termite inspection services in Fort Lauderdale. As part of our termite inspection services in Fort Lauderdale, our team will visit your property to thoroughly inspect it and look for the spread of termite infestation. Depending on what we find, we will suggest the best treatment options and give a quote accordingly.

Protect your property today against this menace with our highly professional termite prevention services.


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