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Termite infestation in a property sometimes goes unnoticed for a long time until its signs show on the surface. In most cases, property owners cannot detect this problem as its signs are noticeable only when it has already damaged the property to a considerable extent. Priority Pest is a leading termite company that brings high-end and comprehensive termite control services in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach & more Florida area. If your property is located in a termite-prone area, it is recommended to book termite inspection services in Hollywood from time to time. This way, the problem will come to your notice before it spreads and damages the property.

You need to use our Hollywood termite inspection services to take a property on the mortgage. Buyers or lenders may ask you to get a termite inspection done in Hollywood before finalizing the property. The buyer is responsible for bearing these expenses. When you choose our termite company, our experts will visit the property and give you a detailed report that will include –

  • Check for termite signs which may be evident in the form of broken wings, droppings, damaged wood, and mud tubes.
  • The extent of damage in walls, baseboards, crawl spaces, windows, insides of closets, cabinets, and door frames.
  • Suggest different treatment options, including termite tenting in Hollywood.

This report will indicate the signs of wood-destroying organisms, which necessitates using Hollywood’s best termite control services. The team of experts at Priority Pest, a reputed termite company, is always ready to help you get rid of this menace. Visit our website and check the range of termite services in Hollywood. Depending on your requirements, you can book the services.

As part of our Hollywood’s termite services, we provide you with termite control in Hollywood, a thorough inspection, and multiple termite treatment services. Check out these services, and depending on the extent of damage, you can choose the best service.

One of the treatment options provided by us is termite tenting in Hollywood. In this service, we cover the entire structure with a tent and release toxic gas. This gas is very effective in killing termites on-site. The gas penetrates deep inside the walls, crevices, cracks, etc., and wipes out the entire termite colony. Choosing termite tenting in Hollywood, FL is the best method to eliminate this pesky pest when it has spread through the whole property. Contact us today a make an appointment for termite service in Hollywood. 


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