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Residents of Pompano Beach are perpetually under the threat of termites. The ever-nagging scare of bugs and termites has become one of the reasons for sleepless nights for residents. Blame it on the city’s climate – warm and humid, but the fact that cannot be overlooked is that termites and Pompano Beach go hand-in-hand. There are dry wood termites that eat away your beautiful woodwork indoors or in the kitchen. Then, there are the damp wood termites that multiply under damp conditions, and there are the subterranean termites that proliferate in a moist environment.

Termites inside or outside your homes and offices can be nothing short of a disaster waiting to happen. Discovering termites is a big shock, but when you have a trusted termite company in Pompano Beach to deal with the catastrophe, there is nothing much to worry about.


Priority Pest Control is a pest control company specialized in termite control in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood & more surrounding areas. Florida-based Priority Pest Control is a team that takes pride in using the latest methods and advanced tools to exterminate termites from your property. Ensuring that the trade-accepted best practices and safety aspects are meaningfully addressed, we know everything about termites and bugs. The first call you make is followed up by a free termite inspection at Pompano Beach. Since we have the best of talents employed who are domain experts, you can expect nothing but perfection when we go about providing termite control in Pompano Beach.


  • We are Florida-based and just a few miles away. We are the number one company in termite tenting in Pompano Beach.
  • Our team is specialized in bug and termite control services. Call us for a free termite inspection in Pompano Beach and offer a detailed report on the affected areas, the extent, intensity of termite attack, and the strategy of termite tenting in Pompano Beach fumigation
  • As a well-established termite company, we use the latest methodologies, chemicals, equipment, and technology for termite control services.
  • Being a local service provider, we are well-aware of the how’s and the whys of termites in Pompano Beach and equipped to handle any kinds of emergencies.

With Priority Pest Control around, you can work, play, relax, and party at free will with zero botheration of termites and bugs. Contact us anytime for a free termite inspection in Pompano Beach, and we would be more than happy to have your entire property covered.


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